Monument to Employees, Students and Listeners of the Financial Institute and Residents of the Rostokinskiy District of Moscow – Participants of the Great Patriotic War

The Great Patriotic War left an indelible mark on the history of our country, and the Alekseevskiy district in Moscow is no exception. In this area, which was part of Rostokinskiy district in 1941, on Kibalchicha Street, 1, there is a monument dedicated to employees and students of the Financial Institute, as well as residents of Rostokinskiy (Alekseevskiy) district who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the Fatherland. On the pedestal is a student in civilian clothes: a jacket, a cap, a rifle on his shoulders. There are figures of militia going to the front, a family saying goodbye to her husband and father, and the symbol of these places is «A worker and a collective farmer». There is an inscription at the bottom: «To employees, students and listeners of the Financial Institute, residents of Rostokinskiy (Alekeyevskiy) district. Grateful descendants». The monument to the militia is truly popular: it was created with voluntary donations from teachers, staff, students of the Financial University, in the historical building of which there was one of the points of formation of the 13th Moscow Division of the Rostokinskiy district People’s Militia. The monument was opened on April 28, 2015. The author of the monument is the sculptor Vladimir Surovtsev.

Address: Moscow, Kibalchicha str., 1