Stele to rostokintsy who fell defending the Fatherland

The 13th Moscow Rifle Division of the People’s Militia of the Rostokinskiy District was formed from July 3 to July 6, 1941. The division commander was Colonel P.E. Morozov, head of the department at Military Academy named after M.V. Frunze, the military commissar was P.G. Tarasov. From September 26, 1941 – 140th Infantry Division. The Rostokinskiy division began to form from volunteers of the Rostokinskiy district. It included employees of the Kalibr plant, workers of the tram depot named after Bauman, the Ressora plant, the Mekhkombinat, the Goznak printing house, the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, teachers and students of schools No. 270 and No. 284, students and teachers of VGIK. From October 1, units of the division held off the enemy near Vyazma for 13 days, during which 95% of the fighters were lost. On December 27, the 13th Moscow Rifle Division of the People’s Militia of the Rostokinskiy District was disbanded as having died at the front. The stele to Rostokintsy who fell defending the Fatherland was installed in the courtyard of the Moscow State Educational Institution School № 1499 named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Arkhipovich Dokukin (in 1941 – school № 352). It was installed on May 8, 2001 in honour of residents of Rostokino – participants of the Great Patriotic War, the Afghan and Chechen wars, defenders of the Motherland. The coat of arms of Moscow is carved in the upper right part of the stele. There is a commemorative inscription below: “ToRostokintsywho fell defending the Fatherland». There is an image of Eternal Flame and a laurel branch under the inscription. Materials: granite, cast iron, concrete.

Address: Moscow, Malakhitova str., 15