Monument to Soviet soldiers – defenders of Moscow

The monument to the Defenders of Moscow is the only monument on the territory of the city installed directly at the burial site. The granite is carved with images of two soldiers (with a rifle and a bunch of grenades), an artillery installation and the Red Banner of the Soviet Army. There is an inscription next to it: “To the Soviet soldiers — defenders of Moscow” and the date — 1941. In Grachevsky Park there is a monument to the Soviet soldiers-defenders of Moscow. In 1941 the front took place not far from Khovrino, and at that time the Grachevka estate housed the military hospital No. 4466 and the 242nd medical battalion of the Panfilov Division, where the wounded were evacuated from the fighting in the north-west of the Moscow region. Some seriously wounded did not survive and were buried in a mass grave in the park, not far from the hospital and medical unit. The monument was opened on May 7, 1975. The memorial dedicated to the soldiers who died in the defence of Moscow was created with funds raised by residents of the Leningrad district of Moscow. The memorial was inaugurated on May 7, 1975 for the 30th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The management of GBOU TSO No. 1884 appealed to the Khovrino City Council with a request to carry out work on the restoration of the monument to the 65th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. Restoration work was carried out in April – May 2010. Now the monument has been restored to its original appearance, corresponding to the architects’ plan.

Address: Moscow, Klinskaya str., 2, p. 1 (territory of the Grachevka Park)