to the militia of Zamoskvorechye

The monument is installed on the site of the formation of militia divisions. More than 18,000 people left the district for the Great Patriotic War. A round granite obelisk is mounted on a square base. At the top there is the bronze Order of the Patriotic War. In the upper part of the obelisk there is a bronze high relief depicting the faces of male militiamen. Under the high relief there is a commemorative inscription: “To the militia of Zamoskvorechye. 1941-1942». On the back side of the pedestal there is an inscription informing about the authors of the monument. In July 1941 divisions of the People’s militia were formed in every district of Moscow. On the territory of the modern Zamoskvorechye district, divisions of two districts of Moscow were formed – Kirovsky (9th DNO) and Moskvoretsky (17th DNO). At the beginning of October 1941 the militia formed a wall on the outskirts of Moscow, detaining the superior forces of the fascists. The joint efforts of the Red Army and the militia managed to stop the enemy on the outskirts of the capital. Most of the soldiers and division commanders of the People’s militia were killed or captured.

Address: Moscow, Novokuznetsk str., 33, p. 1