to the soldiers of the 4th Guards Tank Army

The most recognizable symbol of the Second World War, which was in service with the Soviet Army. The T-34 tank is installed in the courtyard of School No. 627 as a symbol of Victory in the Great Patriotic War in memory of the 4th Tank Army, a military association within the USSR Armed Forces. The tank is raised to a high pedestal. In front of the monument there are six slabs of black marble with inset inscriptions testifying to the main operations of the 4th Tank Army. Repair work at the facility was carried out in 2015. The 4th Guards Tank Army was formed on March 18, 1945 by transforming the 4th Tank Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front during the Upper Silesian operation. It consisted of the Directorate, the 6th Guards Lvov Mechanized Corps, the 10th Guards Volunteer Tank Corps, the 68th Guards Tank Brigade and a number of separate formations and units. During the operation, the army participated in the encirclement and liquidation of the Oppeln grouping of German troops, which was liquidated by March 22. On March 24, the 5th Guards Mechanized Corps was included in the army, which, in addition to artillery and motorized infantry, had 150 tanks.

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