Monument to the twice Heroes of the Soviet Union

The monument includes four busts of Muscovite cosmonaut pilots, twice Heroes of the Soviet Union – V.V. Lebedev, S.E. Savitskaya, A.P. Alexandrov, V.A. Solovyov. The busts are presented with a chest image of the heroes, made of bronze and placed on a granite pedestal. Each of them is connected by a granite base with other pedestals. The opening timed to coincide with the celebration of Cosmonautics Day and the 55th anniversary of the first flight into space of Yuri Gagarin.

Valentin Vitalievich Lebedev (born 1942) is a Soviet cosmonaut and scientist, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Svetlana Evgenievna Savitskaya (born 1948) is a Soviet cosmonaut, test pilot, and teacher. The world’s first female cosmonaut to go into outer space. The bust is a chest image of S. E. Savitskaya. It is made of bronze and mounted on a granite pedestal. Savitskaya has a Gold Star medal on her chest.

Alexander Pavlovich Alexandrov (born 1943) is a pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the 55th Soviet cosmonaut.

Vladimir Alekseevich Solovyov (born 1946) is a pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, a scientist and designer, a specialist in the field of flight control of manned spacecraft and complexes.

Sculptors: I. N. Novikov, E. I. Kazanskaya, A.V. Balashov, A. S. Zabaluev

Architects: A. K. Tikhonov, V. V. Perfiliev

Materials: bronze, granite

Year of installation: 2016

Address: Moscow, Cosmopark