Monument to the workers of the Burevestnik factory who fell during the Great Patriotic War

The Burevestnik factory was founded in 1924 under the name of the State Concentrated Factory of Mechanical Shoe Production. The name “Petrel” was born at the meeting of factory workers dedicated to the 7th anniversary of the October Revolution. In the 30s the first conveyors in the Soviet shoe industry were installed at the factory. In 1941-45 1,150 workers went to the front, 400 of them died. The factory worked for the needs of the front, daily shoeing one division. In 1944 the factory was awarded the Order of Lenin. The monument is dedicated to the workers of the shoe factory “Burevestnik” who died during the Great Patriotic War. It is a sculptural group made of metal and painted with silver paint. The composition is installed on a low pedestal, laid out of brick. The sculptural group depicts a mother who accompanies her soldier son to the front.

Address: Moscow, 3rd Rybinskaya str., 18, p. 20