of Military Uniforms

The Museum of Military Uniforms is a museum of the Russian Military Historical Society in the classical ensemble of the Vasilchikov city estate on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street in Moscow. The main house of the estate with side wings and outbuildings was built in 1782 with the highest permission of Empress Catherine II by Colonel Peter Ivanovich Bibikov. During the construction, the premises of the basement of the previous building, which belonged to the previous owners – Saburov and Rtishchev, were used as the base. The built house had a stone ground floor and a wooden second floor. At the turn of the XVIII and XIX centuries, the son of the founder of the estate – Pyotr Petrovich Bibikov sold the property to Prince Boris Mikhailovich Cherkassky. The Princes of Cherkassy owned the estate until 1859. During the Napoleonic invasion of 1812, the estate was badly damaged in a fire that engulfed Moscow, and needed serious rebuilding. In the 30s of the XIX century, the estate was rebuilt in the style of late classicism. The side wings were connected to the main house by semicircular galleries, the second floor was rebuilt in stone. In 1845-1854 the estate was rented by a couple of Prince and Princess Vasilchikov – Alexey Alexandrovich and Alexandra Ivanovna. After the revolution, the women’s gymnasium, located in the main house of the estate, was transformed into a single Bukharin labour school. On December 12, 2019 a Museum of military uniforms was opened in the estate. The estate has the status of an object of cultural heritage of federal significance. The main purpose of the Museum is to preserve and develop a sense of pride in their motherland, popularize service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the formation of civil and patriotic qualities based on the study of the military past of Russia and the achievements of military historical science.

Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya str., 46/17, p. 1