of the Moscow Streltsy «Streltsy Chambers»

The Museum of the Moscow Archers “Streltsy Chambers” is a museum of military history of the Russian Military Historical Society, located in Moscow, in the building of the Titov Chambers, an architectural monument of the XVII—XVIII centuries. The rightful owners of the Museum are the Streltsy, to whom the main expositions are dedicated – “Moscow Streltsy” and “Serving people of the Moscow state”. The museum introduces the history of the first regular army of Russia – Streletsky and its rich and difficult history. In the halls you can see both authentic objects and documents, historical reconstructions, works of art, materials from archival collections. The “Streltsy Chambers” are better known as the “Titov Chambers”. Their first owner was the duma clerk Semyon Stepanovich Titov, who lived during the time of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and in the mid-1660s received from him a plot for development as a reward for his service. The building, built in the architectural style characteristic of the XVII century, is today located in the courtyard of the Stalin House of Writers, almost opposite the Tretyakov Gallery (opposite the Engineering Building). Titov’s descendants owned the building until the end of the XVII century, after which the owners changed many times, and the building itself was repeatedly redeveloped. Among the owners there were both nobles and people of a simpler rank – merchants and burghers. At the same time, it was the low property status of the owners that saved the house from demolition and replacement with a mansion in some of the architectural fashionable styles in the XVIII-XIX centuries. The house underwent the last reconstruction in 1760. Under the last pre–revolutionary owner, peasant N. B. Korolev, the house was connected to water supply and sewerage. By this time, it was used as a profitable one – it was divided into apartments that were rented to tenants. Under Soviet rule, nine apartments located in it became communal. In the 2010s, the building was renovated, after which it opened first exhibition halls (in 2014), and then a Museum.

Address: Moscow, Lavrushinsky lane, 17, p. 1