Nikolay Nikolaevich


Nikolay Nikolaevich Polikarpov was the Head of OKB-51 of the People’s Commissariat of Aviation Industry of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. He graduated from the Petrograd Polytechnic Institute and aviation and aeronautics courses at it in 1916. Since 1916 he worked as an engineer at the Russian-Baltic Carriage Factory in Petrograd, where under the leadership of I.I. Sikorsky he participated in the construction of the Ilya Muromets aircraft and the design of fighters. Since 1933  he was the Head of the design team No. 2 of the Central Design Bureau on the basis of aircraft factory No. 39. In the mid-1930s, he was the Chief Designer of the Gorky Aviation Plant No. 21 named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze. In the 1930s, he created the I-15 (1933), I-16 (1934), and I-153 «Chaika» (1938) fighters, which formed the basis of Soviet fighter aviation in the prewar years (674, 9450 and 3437 machines were built, respectively. In 1938-1944, he designed a number of experimental military aircraft: TIS, VIT, SPB, NB and a number of others. In total, Nikolai Polikarpov has developed over 80 aircraft of various types. He was awarded 2 Orders of Lenin, the Order of the Red Star and other awards. Winner of two Stalin Prizes.

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