Nikolay Alexandrovich


Nikolai Alexandrovich Bobrov was an air gunner–radio operator of the 44th separate high-speed bomber Aviation Regiment of the Leningrad Front, senior sergeant, the Hero of the Soviet Union. He was born in the city of Penza in the family of an employee. He finished School No. 342 in Moscow and entered the Institute. In November 1939 he was drafted into the Red Army. He graduated from the Leningrad School of Junior Aviation Specialists. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War he was on the Leningrad front. By July 1942 air gunner-radio operator of the 44th separate high-speed bomber aviation regiment, candidate for membership of the CPSU (b) Senior Sergeant N.A. Bobrov had participated in 67 combat sorties. In 12 air battles, he provided the crew with machine gun fire to perform combat tasks. On July 12, 1942, when approaching the target at the Lembolovo railway station in the Vsevolozhsky district of the Leningrad region, the aircraft received a direct hit in the engine, caught fire and began to lose altitude. The crew of Communist pilots consisting of Captain S.M. Aleshin, Lieutenant V.A. Goncharuk and Senior Sergeant N.A. Bobrov decided not to parachute towards captivity. When the flames engulfed the entire car, the pilot turned it into a steep dive and directed it at the enemy battery. The guided crews witnessed how, until the last moment, the machine gun of the youngest member of the heroic crew, Nikolai Bobrov, did not interrupt the fire, whose last words on the air, according to the memoirs of veterans of the regiment, were: “For the Motherland!..” On February 10, 1943 by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Captain Semyon Mikheevich Alyoshin, Lieutenant Vladimir Andreevich Goncharuk and Senior Sergeant Nikolai Alexandrovich Bobrov were awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

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