Sculpture “Motherland”

The sculpture “Motherland” was installed by an unknown sculptor at 3, Chernitsynsky Avenue. The object is dedicated to the workers of the Moscow Abrasive Plant who died during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It is a full-length bronze figure of a woman. The relief elaboration of the folds of a woman’s attire gives the sculpture a special plastic expressiveness. The sculpture is mounted on a pedestal of red polished granite. The Moscow Abrasive Plant was founded in 1930 on the basis of a workshop of grinding wheels and was first known as the Moscow Test Plant of grinding and Grinding products. During the Great Patriotic War in October 1941, the main part of the personnel and technological equipment was evacuated to Tashkent to organize the production of abrasive tools. At this time, there is a plant for the production of abrasive tools, grinding tools and abrasive materials. In 1944 some of the workers were returned from evacuation to restore the plant for the production of grinding tools and abrasive tools on a ceramic bundle. Since then, the sculpture “Motherland” has remained at its original address, reminding Moscow residents of the great feat of their ancestors who defended their Homeland from Nazi invaders.

Address: Moscow, Chernitsynsky ave., 3