Sculpture Peace

The bronze sculpture depicts an ancient Greek Bark stepping on a shield and holding in its hands the symbols of peace – a dove and an olive branch. The figure of the pigeon is made of white material. The woman’s head is turned to the right, her gaze is fixed on the laurel branch. A metal plaque is mounted on the pedestal, on which the saying of Herodotus is written in Greek and Russian: «“No one can be so crazy as to want war instead of peace. For when there is peace, children bury their fathers, and when there is war, fathers bury their children”. Herodotus». The statue became a gift of Stavros Georgopoulos and Vasilis Bakalis to the city of Moscow. The author was inspired by an ancient Greek statuette of the 5th century BC from the exposition of the Athens Archaeological Museum.

Sculptor: Stavros Gergiopoulos

Materials: bronze, granite, marble

Year of installation: 1987

Address: Charles de Gaulle Square, Moscow