Sergey Alexandrovich


Khudyakov Sergey Alexandrovich was a military commander, commander of the 12th Air Army, Air Marshal (1944). He used the name and biography of a friend who died in the Civil War. He graduated the 2nd cavalry advanced training courses in Tiflis in 1922. He worked as the head of the regimental school from 1924, after that he was a chief of staff of the Chervonno-Cossack cavalry regiment in Izyaslav (now Khmelnitsky region). He brilliantly graduated from the command faculty of the Air Force Academy of the Red Army named after N.E. Zhukovsky in 1936. After that he was sent to the Belarusian Military District as the head of the operational department of the aviation brigade headquarters. Sergey Alexandrovich Khudyakov became head of the operational department of the Air Force Headquarters in 1937 and Head of the rear of the Air Force Directorate in 1938. The Great Patriotic War found Colonel Khudyakov in the post of Chief of Staff of the Air Force of the Belarusian Special Military District. He was a participant in the Battle for Moscow in the position of commander of the Western Front Air Force (under the command of G.K. Zhukov). He coordinated the combat operations of the Voronezh and Steppe Fronts aviation in the Battle of Kursk and the Battle of the Dnieper in 1943. Also, he was entrusted with the organization of the air flight of the Soviet delegation to the Tehran Conference. He became Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Red Army Air Force in August 1944. Air Marshal Khudyakov participated as a member of the Soviet delegation in the Crimean (Yalta) Conference in February 1945. He was appointed commander of the 12th Air Army, which was part of the Trans-Baikal Front in March 1945. He took command of the Air Force of the Far Eastern Military District, which fought against the troops of Imperial Japan. He was arrested on December 14, 1945, in Chita and then was taken to Moscow, where he was charged under Article 58-1 «b» of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (treason to the Motherland), the investigation in the case lasted more than 4 years and ended in 1949. On April 18, 1950, Khudyakov was sentenced to capital punishment – execution. The sentence was carried out in on the same day. He was rehabilitated in 1965.

Address: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 13