The Fighter Battalion of the 4th Moscow Rifle Division of the People’s Militia was Formed in This School Building in 1941

The 4th Moscow Communist Division was formed from October 17 to October 24, 1941. Its Commander was Major P. S. Gavilevsky, military commissar – regimental Commissar V. Volgin. The honorary name of the division is the Stanislav Red Banner. The division included fighters, commanders and political workers of the fighter battalions of Taganskiy, Baumanskiy, Sovetskiy, Moskvoretskiy, Kievskiy, Krasnopresnenskiy, Kuibyshevskiy, Kalininskiy, Leninskiy and Frunzenskiy districts of Moscow. In the second half of October, the division took up defence on the near approaches to the capital at the Khoroshevo– Fili – Kuntsevo – Setun – Tatarovo – Kharitonovo– Troitsko– Golenishevo line. Here the militia of the division erected defensive fortifications, studying military affairs, prepared for battles at the same time. In November, the division was fighting in many sectors of the front, where there was a threat of a breakthrough. Heavy fighting took place in the areas of Gorki, Troitskoe-Lykovo. In January 1942, the 4th Moscow Communist Division was transferred to the Northwestern Front in the Ostashkov area. By order of the Deputy People’s Commissar of Defence of the USSR dated January 19, 1942, it was reorganized into the 155th Rifle Division.

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