Detachment of communists of the Perovskiy Car Repair Plant, who joined the ranks of the People’s Militia of Moscow, was formed in this building

In this building, a detachment of communists of the Perovskiy Car Repair Plant was formed, who joined the ranks of the 4th Moscow division of the People’s militia of the Kuibyshevskiy district. The main group consisted of people with higher or secondary special education. There were 2,500 Communists in the division (about 3% of the total volunteer personnel) and 900 Komsomol members, who were united into 10 Komsomol organizations. The personnel of the division units were staffed by volunteers of 33 nationalities: Russians – 5,088 people (76%); Tatars – 417 (5%); Ukrainians – 343 (4%); Chuvash – 343 (4%); Jews – 165 (2.5%); Belarusians – 147 (2%); other nationalities – 489 (6.5%). The division experienced certain difficulties in providing personnel with uniforms, shoes, household items (field kitchens, pots, spoons, knives, forks, buckets, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, shovels, axes, saws, picks, etc.), since there were practically no industrial enterprises in the Kuibyshevskiy district. Military uniforms (trousers, tunics, khaki caps, leather boots with windings, waist belts) were worn by volunteers of the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Trade, the People’s Commissariat of Ammunition, the Directorate of Industrial Cooperation under the SNK of the RSFSR and the Centrosoyuz. The rest of the militia were dressed in ordinary civilian suits – white canvas shoes and light-coloured shirts. By July 12, this problem had been partially solved. Units of the division received 1,500 sets of uniforms, 25 large cast–iron cooking pots, 6,000 pots, spoons for all personnel, buckets – 1 per compartment, 1,000 sheets and pillowcases, 5,500 mattresses, 400 trucks, 350 bicycles, 12 motorcycles and 6,500 shovels. The division was replaced on September 26, 1941 by the 33rd Rifle Division. On the same day, the division was renamed the 110th Rifle Division.

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