The headquarters and political department of the 3rd Moscow Communist Rifle Division were located in this building in 1941-1942

The 3rd Moscow Communist Rifle Division was formed from October 15 to October 20, 1941. The commander was Colonel N.P. Anisimov, the military commissar was senior battalion Commissar A.P. Lazarev. From January 22, 1942 it was named 130th Rifle Division, from December 8, 1942 – 53rd Guards Rifle Division. The honorary name of the 3rd Moscow Communist Rifle Division was the Tartu Red Banner. The division was assigned the 1st combat section, the Northern Group of Troops for the Defence of Moscow, the North-Western Group of troops for the Defence of Moscow, the division of Moscow workers, the 130th Rifle Division, the 54th Guards Rifle Division. It included the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Communist Komsomol (workers’) regiments – the 218th Artillery Regiment (art regiment of the North-Western Group of Troops for the Defence of Moscow), a light artillery regiment, separate units and special forces. At School № 3 in 6, Chapaevsky Lane on October 24, the division was formed from several Communist battalions and one artillery regiment, which was soon transformed into the 3rd Moscow Communist Rifle Division. There were 9,650 people in its ranks. 3,173 of them were members and candidates for party members and 3,564 members of the Komsomol. Having joined the troops of the Moscow defence zone, the division was located at the Khimki – Shchukino – Rostokino– Likhobory border. The militia participated in the construction of defensive structures, served as combat guards in the area of Nakhabino, Krasnogorsk, Cherkizovo, and also conducted a number of operations to reconnoiter the enemy’s positions and destroy their strongholds. So, at the end of November, two rifle battalions, supported by artillery, carried out a reconnaissance battle near Solnechnogorsk. After a fierce battle, the fighters broke into the city. After the defeat of the German Fascist troops near Moscow on January 19, 1942, the 3rd Moscow Communist Rifle Division was renamed the 130th Rifle Division, and in February it was relocated to the Kalinin Front, in the area of the Demyanskiy bridgehead.

Address: Moscow, Chapaevsky lane, 6, p. 2