The communist workers’ battalion of the Dzerzhinsky district of Moscow was formed in this house in 1941

The 3rd Moscow Communist Rifle Division was formed in October 17 – October 24, 1941 at school № 3 at the address: 6, Chapaevsky Lane out of 25 communist and workers’ battalions on the basis of the GKO resolution № 10 of July 4, 1941. The 1st Rifle Regiment included battalions of the Dzerzhinskiy, Zheleznodorozhniy, Kievskiy, Krasnopresnenskiy, Leningradskiy, Leninskiy, Moskvoretskiy, Oktyabrskiy, Sverdlovskiy, Sovetskiy, Taganskiy, Timiryazevskiy and Frunzenskiy districts of Moscow. The 2nd Rifle Regiment included battalions of the Baumanskiy, Kalininskiy, Kirovskiy, Kominternovskiy, Krasnogvardeyskiy, Kuibyshevskiy, Molotovskiy, Pervomaiskiy, Proletarskiy, Rostokinskiy, Sokolnicheskiy and Stalinskiy districts of Moscow. Since the second half of October, the division took up defensive positions at the near north-western approaches to Moscow, at the turn of Rostokino – Likhobory – Khimki – Shchukino. Since the second half of November, it closed the approaches to Moscow from Leningrad and Volokolamsk highways at the level of the river station in Khimki. At the end of November – early December 1941 it conducted reconnaissance operations in the area of Solnechnogorsk. By order of the Deputy People’s Commissar of Defence of the USSR dated January 19, 1942, it was reorganized into the 130th Rifle Division. The division consisted of such well-known military men as the deputy political director of a separate platoon of tank destroyers, later the first secretary of the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU N.G. Egorychev and a Red Army soldier of the 1st Rifle Regiment, later a Soviet and Russian scientist and designer in the field of automation, computer science and computer engineering, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, winner of the Stalin Prize B.M. Kagan.

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