Vassily Fyodorovich


Vassily Fyodorovich Golubev was a Soviet pilot, Lieutenant General of Aviation, Hero of the Soviet Union. He had served in the Navy since 1933. He graduated the Yeisk Naval Aviation School of Pilots in 1940 and served in the active army from June 1941. He fought in the Baltic Fleet Air Force, participated in the defense of the Hanko Peninsula. He had been a squadron commander of the 4th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (61st Fighter Aviation Brigade, Air Force of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet) by June 1942. Vassily Fyodorovich Golubev made 339 combat sorties, participating in 61 air battles, shot down 4 aircraft personally and 23 as part of a group. He made 589 successful sorties in total. He destroyed 39 enemy aircraft personally and as part of a group in 133 air battles. He continued to serve in aviation. He commanded an aviation division after graduating from the Naval Academy in 1951. Vassily Fyodorovich Golubev had worked as a Senior lecturer at the General Staff Academy since 1971. Since 1975, Lieutenant General of Aviation V.F. Golubev had been in reserve. He was awarded 2 Orders of Lenin, 7 Orders of the Red Banner, 2 Orders of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, 2 Orders of the Red Star, the Order «For Service to the Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces» of the 3rd degree, medals, the highest military orders of Great Britain – «Order of the British Empire» of the 4th class and Egypt – «For military services to the United Arab Republic». His name is immortalized on a memorial plaque with the names of the Heroes of the Soviet Union of the naval aviation regiments of the Baltic Fleet, installed on the Walk of Fame in the city of Kronstadt. The memorial plaque is installed on the house in Moscow where the Hero lived.

Address: Moscow, Krasnokazarmennaya str., 10