Vladimir Fedorovich


Vladimir Fedorovich Vladimirov was the company commander of the 118th Guards Rifle Regiment (37th Guards Rifle Division, 65th Army, Belorussian Front), a Guard lieutenant. He was born on June 26 (July 9), 1914 in the village of Golovino (now it is on the territory of the Northern District of Moscow) in a worker’s family. He had primary education. From 1930 he worked in Moscow at a machine–building plant, from 1938 – as a turner in the mechanical workshops of the Northern River Port. He was in the army since October 1941. He was a participant of the Great Patriotic War since November 1941. He participated in the defence of Moscow. In 1942 he completed the junior lieutenant courses and he was appointed as the platoon commander of the 118th Guards Rifle Regiment. He was seriously wounded in the battles near Smolensk, three months later he returned to his unit and was appointed as the company commander. In the autumn of 1943, his reconnaissance company, providing the offensive of the 37th Guards Rifle Division, was the first to force the Desna and Sozh rivers, and on September 12, 1943, defeated the headquarters of the fascist infantry regiment. He especially distinguished himself during the crossing of the Dnieper. On October 21, 1943 the company crossed the river, knocked the enemy out of the trench, repulsed 8 counterattacks on the captured bridgehead, and then liberated the villages of Isakovichi and Stradubka (the Loevsky district of the Gomel region). He died in December 1943 in a battle near the village of Karpovka (near the town of Rechitsa, the Gomel region, Belarus). For the courage and heroism shown in the battles, the Hero of the Soviet Union of the Guard Lieutenant Vladimir Vladimirovich was posthumously awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union on January 15, 1944 with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal. He was awarded the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner, Aleksander Nevsky, and medals. There is a memorial plaque on the building of the workshops of the Northern River Port of Moscow, the name of the Hero is on the obelisk in front of the port administration building.

Address: Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, 57