Vladimir Mikhailovich


Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov was a USSR cosmonaut pilot, spacecraft test engineer, aviation colonel, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. In 1949 he graduated from the Batai Military Aviation School of Pilots, until 1954 he served in the aviation units of the North Caucasus District. In 1959 he graduated from Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy, worked as a test engineer at the State Research Institute of the Air Force. In 1960, he was enrolled in the first cosmonaut squad. He was the Head of the department of the Cosmonaut Training Centre (1966-1967). He was preparing for the flight as a stand-in pilot on the KK series “Vostok”. He performed two space flights on the Voskhod spacecraft as the commander of a multi–seat crew (October 12-13, 1964) and the Soyuz-1 spacecraft as the test pilot of a new spacecraft (April 23-24, 1967) with a total duration of 2 days and 3 hours. He tragically died while returning to Earth during the landing of the Soyuz-1 spacecraft. He was awarded the Orders of Lenin and the Red Star, the Medal “For Military Merit”, the Gold Medal “Cosmos” of the International Aviation Federation, the Order “Wind Rose” with diamonds of the International Committee for Aeronautics, the medal “Gold Star” of the Hero of Labor of Vietnam. A crater on the Moon, minor planet No. 1836, the Yeisk Higher Military Aviation Institute and Pilot School, a research vessel, avenues, squares and streets in many cities of the country are named after him.

Address: Moscow, Cosmopark