Memorial plaque in memory of employees of the 47th militia department who fell at a combat post during the bombing of Moscow in 1941

On Pyatnitskaya Street, house 49A, building 2 there is a building on which there is a memorial plaque in memory of employees of the 47th militia department of Moscow who fell at a combat post during the bombing of Moscow by fascist aircraft on July 22, 1941. The heroic work of militia officers during the war was very important. At the end of October 1941, during the most intense days of fighting, on the outskirts of Moscow, the city militia units were consolidated into combat units and formed a militia division designed for combat operations on the nearest approaches to the city. Moscow militiamen, hand in hand with the military, with the civilian population, in the most difficult conditions, maintaining law and order, forged victory in the Battle for Moscow. The militia units were assigned tasks to combat desertion, alarmism and looting, theft of military and evacuated cargo, operational work to detect and detain enemy spies and provocateurs, ensuring the evacuation of the population, Soviet enterprises and institutions, cargo. From the first days of the war, the Soviet militia in frontline cities and towns engaged in battle with the Nazi aggressor. In the capital of the USSR, the militia patrolled the streets together with the squads of the military commandant’s office of the Moscow garrison, and outposts were formed on the main highways near Moscow from among militia officers who controlled all entrances and exits from the capital. The police personnel of Moscow and the Moscow region were transferred to the barracks position – to improve the service for the protection of public order. The militiamen made a great contribution to the defense of Moscow from enemy air raids. So, only on the night of July 21-22, 1941, 250 German aircraft participated in the raid on Moscow, but the coordinated actions of the Moscow air defense forces made it possible to practically repel the attack of enemy aircraft and shoot down 22 enemy aircraft at the same time. Unfortunately, there were casualties among the militia department staff, including the 47th department. Their names are carved on a memorial plaque next to the department: Akimov M.A., Andreev N.P., Kuprienko I.G., Lunev S.T., Popova N.I., Shishanov G.S. They sacrificed their lives, fulfilling their duty to the citizens of Moscow, protecting them during the bombing by the Nazi invaders on July 22, 1941.

Address: Moscow, Pyatnitskaya str., 49A, p. 2