Sergey Pavlovich


Sergey Pavlovich Nepobedimy was the Head and Chief Designer of the Engineering Design Bureau of the Ministry of General Engineering of the USSR, the Hero of Socialist Labor. Led the development, testing and mass production of high-explosive fragmentation and cumulative shots for recoilless guns B-10 and B-11. In 1956 he headed a group for the development of anti-tank missile systems (ATGMs), the result of which were the complexes «Shmel», «Malutka», later the semi-automatic ATGM «Malutka-P» in 1973, during the Arab-Israeli war, the entire Israeli tank regiment (about 800 vehicles) was destroyed with the help of the «Malutka». During their creation, a number of innovative technical developments were implemented, which played an important role in other industries. Under the leadership of Sergei Nepobedimy, the development of the first domestic portable anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS) «Strela-2» was completed, followed by a series of MANPADS: «Strela-2M2», «Strela-3», «Igla-1», «Igla», while for the first time in world practice, complex problems were solved technical tasks to ensure effective shooting towards under the influence of active thermal interference and other factors. In the 1970s and 1980s, the world’s first supersonic anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) was created «Assault»: «Assault-B» – in helicopter, «Assault-C» – in self-propelled version. Later, the «Attack» (a deep modification of the «Assault») and the world’s first two-channel ATGM «Chrysanthemum» were created. He was the initiator of the creation of high-precision mobile tactical and operational-tactical missile systems (TRK and OTRK) in the country. Under his leadership, the Tochka TRK with various types of warhead (warhead) were put into service: SBCH, OFBCH, KBCH, G, F-R, as well as «Tochka-U», OTRK «Oka».

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