Vladimir Mikhailovich


Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasishchev was the General Designer of OKB-23 of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR, Major-General engineer, the Hero of Socialist Labor, Lenin Prize laureate. Since 1923 he had been engaged in design activities at the scientific experimental airfield, in 1926 he graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. In the pre-war period, the TB-1 aircraft was designed, then the TB-3, took part in the development of wings for these machines. Later, he was assigned to establish serial production of the DS-3 (Li-2) transport aircraft at the plant, purchased from the American company Douglas in 1937. While being in prison, he worked in the «special department» of the NKVD and was engaged in the design of a long-range high-altitude bomber, like A.N. Tupolev and V.M. Petlyakov. In the Design Bureau of V.M. Myasishchev during the war, work continued on the creation of bombers. In 1951 by the decision of the government, the Design Bureau of Chief Designer V.M. Myasishchev was recreated, on January 20, 1953. The first flight of the M-4 (103M) strategic intercontinental jet bomber took place. Further, the Design Bureau of V.M. Myasishchev worked out the schemes of new heavy bombers with turbojet engines that provide supersonic and transonic flight speeds.

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