Vasily Pavlovich


Vasily Pavlovich Mishin was the First Deputy Chief Designer of the Rocket and Space Technology Design Bureau No. 1 of the Research Institute No. 88 of the Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR. During the Great Patriotic War, since 1941, he had been a design engineer and head of the design team at the Experimental Design Bureau of Plant No. 293. The most successful development of V.P. Mishin during the war years was remotely controlled two-bullet aircraft installations, highly appreciated by specialists. Mishin’s installations were installed on several serial bombers of the designs of A.N. Tupolev, S.V. Ilyushin and some others. Since 1946, for 20 years, V.P. Mishin has been the permanent first deputy of S.P. Korolev. Initially, they worked at the Research Institute-88, where V.P. Mishin was the head of the design bureau in the 3rd department. Then, since 1950 he was the First Deputy Chief Designer of OKB-1. He was one of the leading developers of the first Soviet R-1 rocket (flight range 270 km, launched in 1948), R-2A (with a flight range of 590 km, launched in 1950), R-3 missiles with a flight range of up to 3000 km, the first strategic missile R-5 with a flight range of 1200 km and a detachable combat part of (developed in 1953), the R-7 intercontinental missile, the new R-9A intercontinental missile, the R-11 mobile ground-based tactical missile with a flight range of 270 km (adopted in 1955). Vasily Mishin also played a huge role in other developments: in the launches of the Luna interplanetary stations (1959), the Venera-1 automatic interplanetary station (1960), the creation of the Zenit space automatic reconnaissance satellite (1962), the launch of the first Molniya-1 communications satellite into orbit (1965), flyby of the Moon and return to Earth of the manned spacecraft «Probe» in automatic mode (1968). Author of over 400 advanced scientific and technical developments and inventions, scientific papers, monographs and textbooks.

Address: Moscow, Kudrinskaya pl., 1