Mikhail Leontievich


Mikhail Leontievich Mil was a Soviet helicopter designer and scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, the Hero of Socialist Labor, winner of the Lenin Prize and the USSR State Prize. During the Great Patriotic War, in 1941-1943, he worked in evacuation in the village of Bilimbai, in the Middle Urals, which actually became the aviation capital of the USSR. He created a model of Mi-1 aircraft. Together with S.A. Paskhin Mikhail Leontievich Mil developed an original design of an anti-tank rifle to fire at tanks and pillboxes with RS-82 rockets. He traveled to front-line airfields to conduct tests, and during test flights he was always personally in the cockpit of the aircraft. For his work on improving aviation, Mikhail Leontievich Mil received the Order of the Patriotic War in 1945.

Address: Moscow, Starokonyushenny lane, 19