Dmitry Mikhailovich


Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbyshev was a Russian and Soviet fortifier, the largest Soviet scientist and military engineer. Lieutenant General of the Engineering Troops (1940). Doctor of Military Sciences (1941), Professor (1938) of the Academy of the General Staff of the Red Army. Member of the CPSU(b) (1940). Hero of the Soviet Union (1946, posthumously). Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbyshev participated in the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905. He took part in the construction of the forts of the Brest Fortress in 1911-1914, during the First World War he supervised engineering work on the Southwestern Front. Since 1918 Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbyshev was serving in the Red Army. During the Civil War, he participated in the construction of a number of fortified areas, was the chief of engineers of the 5th Army of the Eastern Front, assistant chief of Engineers of the Southern Front. In 1921-1936 he served in the engineering troops, was chairman of the Engineering Committee of the Main Military Engineering Directorate of the Red Army. Then Dmitry Mikhailovich was engaged in teaching at the M.V. Frunze Military Academy, was the head of the department of the Military Academy of the General Staff. In 1938, Karbyshev graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff, is the author of over 100 works on military engineering and military history. In early June 1941, D.M. Karbyshev was sent to the Western Special Military District, where he inspected the progress of the construction of fortifications of the 68th Grodno fortified district. The Great Patriotic War found him at the headquarters of the 3rd Army in Grodno. After 2 days, he moved to the headquarters of the 10th Army. On June 27, the army headquarters was surrounded. 8 August 1941 when trying to get out of the encirclement, General Karbyshev was severely concussed in a battle near the Dnieper River near the village of Dobreika, Mogilev region, Byelorussian SSR. He was captured in an unconscious state. Refused to enter the service of the Nazis and died a martyr’s death in the Mauthausen camp (Austria) on the night of February 18, 1945, among about five hundred other prisoners, after brutal torture, doused with water in the cold (air temperature about -12 ° C) and killed. The body of D. M. Karbyshev was burned in the furnaces of Mauthausen. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to him on August 16, 1946 posthumously “For exceptional steadfastness and courage shown in the fight against the German invaders in the Great Patriotic War.” D.M. Karbyshev was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner, Red Star.

Address: Moscow, Generala Karbysheva Boulevard