Scientific Memorial Museum of Professor N.E. Zhukovsky

The former mansion of merchant Mikhailov on Voznesenskaya Street consists of two parts: buildings of the XVIII and XIX centuries. In 1914, the two–story stone mansion became a dormitory and training room for pilots from theoretical aviation courses at the Moscow Imperial Technical School, which were led by N.E. Zhukovsky. He was an outstanding Russian scientist, the creator of aerodynamics as a science. Then the house became the first building of TsAGI. S.A. Chaplygin, A.N. Tupolev, B.S. Stechkin, A.A. Arkhangelsky, B.N. Yuryev, V.P. Vetchinkin and many other creators of Russian science and advanced aviation technology worked here. There is there is a bronze bust of Zhukovsky at the entrance to the building. It was made by sculptor G.V. Neroda. The museum has more than 50,000 exhibits: documents, photonegatives, models of almost all Russian aircraft, helicopters, gliders, the first rockets, models of artificial Earth satellites (including the first of them), spacecraft, models of aircraft and rocket engines, wind tunnels, airplanes, helicopters, gliders.

Address: Moscow, Radio str., 17, bldg. 5