Sergey Alexandrovich


Sergey Alexandrovich Afanasiev was a statesman, Minister of General Engineering (1965-1983), Minister of Heavy and Transport Engineering of the USSR (1983-1987), the twice Hero of Socialist Labor (1975, 1978), laureate of the Lenin, Stalin and State Prizes of the USSR. He graduated with honors from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 1941, worked as a design engineer at an artillery factory in Kaliningrad near Moscow (now this town is named Korolev). He was transferred to the Main Technical Directorate of the Ministry of Armament of the USSR in 1946, where he worked as a senior engineer, head of department, deputy head of department. Sergey Alexandrovich Afanasiev was appointed Head of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR in 1955. In 1965-1983 he was the Minister of General Mechanical Engineering of the USSR, in this post he had to organize the work of many research institutes and design bureaus that create military and civilian rocket and space technology. The Ministry ensured the creation of ICBMs (sea ballistic missile) and ballistic missiles for submarines, spacecraft and orbital stations, including «Mir». There were design bureaus of such outstanding designers as S.P. Korolev, V.P. Glushko, V.P. Barmin, V.N. Chelomey, M.K. Yangel, V.P. Makeev under his leadership. In 1983-1987 he was a Minister of Heavy and Transport Engineering. Until the last days of his life, Sergey Afanasiev was the chief scientific consultant of RKK «Energia» named after S.P. Korolev.

Address: Moscow, Spiridonovka str., 18