Sergey Vasilyevich


Sergey Vasilyevich Milashenkov was an attack pilot, squadron commander of the 109th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment, the Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously). He has flown more than 90 combat missions. On July 14, 1944, near the village of Mikulichi (Vladimir-Volynsky district of Volyn region, Ukraine), during a combat mission, he was shot down. He directed his burning plane at a cluster of enemy troops and died heroically. He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for his feat. The monument is a bust made of concrete, mounted on a pedestal lined with marble and a base finished with ceramic tiles. On the front side of the pedestal there is a memorial plaque made of concrete with an all-cast inscription, the letters of which are painted in silver: «Hero of the Soviet Union Milashenkov Sergey Vasilyevich. 1921-1944».

Sculptor: A.V. Kuznetsova

Materials: marble, concrete, ceramic tile

Year of installation: 1975

Address: Moscow, Yablochkova str., 10 (no terrarium GBOU SOSH No. 1236)