Vladimir Mikhailovich


Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov was a pilot-cosmonaut, the twice Hero of the Soviet Union, engineer-colonel, commander of the world’s first spaceship crew. He flew twice on the first ships of a new type: the three-seat Voskhod-1 (October 12-13, 1964, together with Konstantin Feoktistov and Boris Egorov) and the single-seat Soyuz-1 (April 23-24, 1967). Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov was the first Soviet cosmonaut to have been in space twice. He died at the end of the program of his second flight on the Soyuz-I spacecraft during the descent to earth. A bust in memory of V.N. Komarov was installed in Moscow in 1972. There is a commemorative inscription carved on it: «Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, cosmonaut Komarov Vladimir Mikhailovich was born on 03/16/1927 in Moscow on 3rd Meshchanskaya Street. He died on 04/24/1967 when landing on the Soyuz-I ship».

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