Vladimir Nikolaevich


Vladimir Nikolaevich Dutov was a Soviet military financier, Colonel-General of the Quartermaster service, the Hero of Socialist Labor (1982). He was born on February 6 (19), 1907 in the village of Pukasovka, the Letichevsky district, the Podolsk province in a peasant family. He finished the higher primary school. He started to serve in the Red Army since 1929. In 1934, he was appointed to the primary position in the financial service ‒ a clerk-treasurer of the headquarters of the 1st Zaporozhye named after the French Communist Party Cavalry Division of the Red Cossacks, then he became the head of the financial service of the division. In 1931 he became a member of the CPSU (b)/CPSU. He participated in the liberation campaign in Western Ukraine in September 1939. Since 1940 he was the Deputy Head of the Finance Department of the Baltic Military District. During the Great Patriotic War, from 1941 to 1945, he was the head of the finance department of the Northwestern, Southwestern, Stalingrad, Don, Central and 1st Belorussian Fronts. During the war, his abilities were fully revealed as an excellent organizer, a competent leader who was able to provide funding for troops in the most difficult conditions of the combat situation. After the Great Patriotic War, he was the head of the Financial service of the Group of Soviet Occupation Troops in Germany. Since 1950 he was the Deputy Head of the Financial Department of the USSR Ministry of War. From June 14, 1955 to July 9, 1986 he was the Head of the Central Financial Department of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR and he held this position for 31 years. The highest professionalism, ability to make the right decisions, exceptional personal honesty and integrity allowed Dutov to be the head of the Central Financial Department of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR under five defence ministers: Marshals of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov, R.Ya. Malinovsky, A.A. Grechko, D.F. Ustinov and S.L. Sokolov. He completely rebuilt the scheme of the work of the financial bodies of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR and created a fundamentally new mechanism for financing troops through the field institutions of the Central Bank of the country, which successfully functions in the XXI century. Dutov also took part in the formation and development of the Military Faculty at Moscow Financial Institute (now Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation). By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1982, for his great personal contribution to the construction of the Armed Forces and improving the combat readiness of the army and Navy, Colonel-General of the Quartermaster Service Vladimir Dutov was awarded the title of the Hero of Socialist Labor with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Hammer and Sickle gold medal. Also, he was an author of a number of textbooks and regulations on the activities of the financial service of the troops.

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